As the name implies, the Compunigma ARMSCII to Unicode Converter converts Armenian text files from the ARMSCII format to Unicode and vice-versa. For a more detailed explanation of both formats, refer to the following websites that have detailed descriptions on the subject:

The Compunigma ARMSCII to Unicode Converter 1.0 complements Compunigma's other convertor, the Compunigma Convertor 1.0, that converts Armenian text between the various Windows and Mac formats (ARMSCII, Arasan, Mac, ...). As most older formats than ARMSCII are 'lossy' (certain characters are omitted or misused, like the letter Capital Hee standing for the number 3), we deemed it unnecessary to have conversion mechanisms between them and Unicode. ARMSCII can serve as an excellent middle step for any conversion between, for example, Mac and Unicode. Just convert your Mac text to ARMSCII using the Compunigma Convertor 1.0 then use the ARMSCII to Unicode Converter to get it in Unicode.


Download the zipped package from here.

The package consists of 3 files : the executable (CNGConvX.EXE), the conversion table (uni2scii.tbl) that should reside in the same directory as the executable and a readme.txt file that contains instructions about how to use it. The program requires no installation. A practical approach is to create a folder on your hard drive (somewhere you have access to) and copy both files into it. You can ask Windows to create a shortcut to the executable that you'll place somewhere more convenient like your desktop. This will prevent accidental deletion of these two files.

The files to be converted should be in Text-only format. This means that any formatting commands (bolds, underlines, font names, sizes, etc) are lost and precautions should be taken in order not to loose all copies of the original, so that formatting can be reapplied to the converted text (this can be sometimes tedious).

Unicode text should be in the Encoded-text format. WARNING: Encoded Text means full encoding (2 bytes for each character). UTF-8, UTF-7 or any other "compressed" unicode format will yield unexpected results.

After launching the program, just choose the file to be converted and click on the appropriate button to proceed.

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